Build Robots. Make the Future.

Lab for Robotics Education

The LaRE exists to empower students in underserved communities by
creating an environment that engages their engineering curiosity.

Summer Lab 2014 Flyer


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A Place to Bring Technology to Life

Ever wonder how robots work? What makes them come to life? It goes beyond just circuits and wires. Behind every robot there are engineers pushing the limits of engineering and creativity. At The LaRE, we provide students with the expertise, equipment and guidance to develop the skills they need to build the robots they envision.

Learn the process behind robotic engineering

Students work in pairs to build an autonomous robot.

Build Arduino based autonomous robots

How We Operate

Design, Code and Build

At The LaRE you will learn more than just technology. You will how learn to think and build like an engineer, which always includes breaking a few things.

Learn by Doing

One of the most fun ways to learn robotics is to spend time connecting wires and testing out ideas. At The LaRE, we believe that experimentation is a critical part of learning new concepts. Our lessons will always focus on building and less on lectures.

Work with Professional Equipment

All the equipment in The LaRE will be professional grade and affordable. Our intention is to use technology that students can access after leaving our program without having to spend their entire summer paycheck.

Learn from Each Other

For the entirety of the program, students will be working in pairs. Pairing allows for students to learn from each other, while developing a deeper understanding of what they know and improving their ability to communicate it more effectively. After a while, working alone will seem plain and boring.

No Cost to Student

Students attend free of cost. We provide our services through the generosity of sponsors. Please visit the sponsors page to see who to thank.