Ever wonder how robots work? What makes them come to life?

Robotics goes beyond circuits and wires. Behind every robot there are engineers pushing the limits of science and creativity. At The LaRE, we provide students with the expertise, equipment and guidance to make their robotic visions a reality.

Join students from all over New York City for a summer of robotics!

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Anyone Can Code! Become An Engineer!

By the end of the program, students will

  • Have developed foundational skills in programming and circuitry
  • Know how to design and build a robot using an¬†Arduino microcontroller
  • Present their work to friends, parents, and other professional engineers.
  • Receive a certificate for completing a summer at The LaRE

Everything from my first interview to the LaRE Final Challenge party was fun and filled with new things, amazing people, and of lots of my favorite stuff: programming.

Anthony, LaRE Engineer ’14